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BTV Best Entertaining Video

Beach TV food critic Margit Bisztray visit’s Sunset Pointe in this clip from Margit’s Top 5. Starting with scenic views of the restaurant and marina and an interview with owner Pete Blohme (Panini Pete), she touches on the atmosphere and the fresh local fish and produce that make up the menu’s ingredient list. She then goes on to tell of her visit and dinner selection, from watching how the crab meatballs are prepared by first seeking out the shells under a blacklight, to experiencing what she describes as “the juiciest, purest, finest piece of fish I’ve had in ages.” And the video would not be complete without the ending, showing the scenic marina and Margit remembering how the sunset is celebrated at Sunset Pointe each evening with “cheers and cocktails.” This video is a sure tell of the restaurant’s uniqueness and Southern charm.

Watch the video at: http://www.destinationnetwork.com/vod/btv-best-entertaining-3-sunset-pointe-0